Dynamic navigation

This is just a partial example of the previous guide section "Simple navigation," so make sure you read that before continuing with this.

Create a new PHP middleware file in the directory "/Http/Middlewares/Nav.php" and copy-paste the boilerplate content below.

 * Create a dynamic and custom navigation
 * You can also create a navigation model and extend to "MaplePHP\Foundation\Nav\Navbar"
 * the overwrite the methods in it to create a custom navbar
 * Take a look at the file Foundation/Nav/Navbar.php in your vendor directory.

namespace Http\Middlewares;

use MaplePHP\Handler\Interfaces\MiddlewareInterface;
use MaplePHP\Http\Interfaces\ResponseInterface;
use MaplePHP\Http\Interfaces\RequestInterface;
use MaplePHP\Foundation\Http\Provider;
use MaplePHP\Foundation\Nav\Middleware\Navigation;
use MaplePHP\Foundation\Nav\Navbar;

class Nav extends Navigation implements MiddlewareInterface
    protected $provider;
    protected $nav;

    public function __construct(Provider $provider, Navbar $nav)
        $this->provider = $provider;
        $this->nav = $nav;

     * Before controllers
     * @param  ResponseInterface $response
     * @param  RequestInterface  $request
     * @return ResponseInterface|void
    public function before(ResponseInterface $response, RequestInterface $request)

        // You can use this middelware to create an dynamic navigation
        // The id is not required, but will create it´s own id with increment, starting from 1 if not filled in. 
        // The id is used to select parent!
        $this->nav->add("main", [
            "id" => 1,
            "name" => "Start",
            "slug" => "",
            "parent" => 0,
            "title" => "Meta title start",
            "description" => "Meta description start"
        ])->add("main", [
            "id" => 2,
            "name" => "Contact",
            "slug" => "contact",
            "parent" => 0,
            "title" => "Meta title contact",
            "description" => "Meta description contact"

        // Will build the navigation
        return parent::before($response, $request);

     * After controllers
     * @param  ResponseInterface $response
     * @param  RequestInterface  $request
     * @return void
    public function after(ResponseInterface $response, RequestInterface $request)

Adding items

You add items with the add method. The above example manually adds items to your navigation just as a example, this should tho dynamically be propagated from your database.

$this->nav->add(string $nav, array $item): self

You add items with the add method.

  • nav: The nav parameter is the expected navigation you want to bind the navigation item to.

  • item: This is the navigation item.

Then add the middleware to your router to show it.


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