The responder is used to communicate seamlessly between front- and backend code. With the help of Stratox.js that comes out of the box, you can quickly build apps with dynamic views and forms!

This means that you can use PHP code to dynamically show views and build forms!


The frontend template engine is in Beta. Right now it comes pre-installed but in the future t will become a installable option.

How dose it work?

Well, it is super easy. You just trigger some PHP responder functions and the responder and in turn will dynamiclly trigger views and compomonents.


It is pre-installed. You should execute the command below to ensure you have the latest package and that every new JavaScript component is installed (navigate to the project's root directory). If you have not already done it.

npm install

How it work?

You only need to know a few Responder commands to be able create some advanced stuff.

E.G. The Responer documentation in not completed. More will come.

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