MaplePHP with Docker

MaplePHP Docker provides a fully functional environment including a web server, MySQL database, and Composer integration.

Installation Steps

1. Prepare Docker Files

In the directory name docker exists Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files. Move the to the docker directory desired location for the web server installation.

2. Build and Launch

In your terminal, navigate to where the Docker files were placed. Execute the command below to build and launch your Docker containers:

docker-compose up -d

This command installs and starts Docker, setting up your environment.

3. Set Up the Web Server Root Directory

A "www" directory has been created, which will serve as the root for your web server. Install MaplePHP within this directory. To view your application, open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost/public/. Your application should now be accessible and running smoothly.

MySQL Configuration

Below are the default settings for the MySQL service provided in the Docker setup:

  • Host: host.docker.internal

  • Database Name: sandbox

  • Username: root

  • Password: root

  • Port: 3306

Managing Docker Services

Docker-Compose facilitates easy management of your containers. You can utilize the following commands as needed:

  • To stop your containers:

    docker-compose down
  • To start your containers again:

    docker-compose up -d
  • To rebuild your services after making any changes:

    docker-compose up -d --build

This setup streamlines the development and deployment process for MaplePHP applications using Docker.

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