MaplePHP - Validation is a PHP library designed to simplify the process of validating various data inputs. Whether you need to verify if a value is an email or phone number, check for minimum and maximum length constraints, or perform other common validation tasks, MaplePHP - Validation provides a convenient and straightforward solution for handling input validation.


You will always initiate instace with the static method _val followed by a value you want to validate.

use MaplePHP\Validate\Inp;

// Validate option 1
$inp = new Inp("Lorem ipsum dolor");
var_dump($inp->length(1, 200)); // true

// Validate option 2
$valid = Inp::value("Lorem ipsum dolor")->length(1, 200);
var_dump($valid); // true

Check string length is more than or equal to 1

Inp::value("Lorem ipsum dolor")->length(1);

Check string length is more/equal than 1 and less/equal than 160

Inp::value("Lorem ipsum dolor")->length(1, 160);

Check if is valid email


Check if is valid phone

Will allow only numbers and some characters like ("-", "+" and " ").


Validate Swedish social number (personnummer)


Validate Swedish organisation number


Validate credit card number


Validate VAT number


Check if is a color hex code


Check date and date format

Inp::value("2022/02/13 14:15")->date("Y/m/d H:i");
// The date argument is the expected date format (will also take time)

Check date, date format and is between a range

Inp::value("2022/02/13 - 2022/02/26")->dateRange("Y/m/d"); 
// The dateRange argument is the expected date format (will also take time)

Check if persons is at least 18 years old or older.


Check if is a valid domain name


Check if is a valid URL (http/https is required)


Check if is a valid DNS

Will check compare result against DNS server and match A, AAAA and MX


Open the file for a lot more validations.

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