It is very easy to install MaplePHP framework.

Install the framework

1. Install with composer

Install the framework with composer:

composer create-project maplephp/maplephp myApp

You can also git clone the project and the run "composer install" if you prefer.

Now you are ready to install your app...

2. Install the App

After you have installed the project with Composer, you need to initialize your app. You can easily do this with the help of MaplePHP CLI in the command line from the project's root directory, where the file named "cli" exists.

Execute the command bellow:

php cli config install --type=app


Updating MaplePHP

Updating MaplePHP to the latest version is as simple as running the commands below.

composer update

MaplePHP with Docker

If you want to use MaplePHP with Docker then click here for a 3 step guide.

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